Frequently Asked Questions

Some editing companies list their prices on their website; why don’t you?

Editing can occur on many levels. Sometimes you just want a native English speaker to check the basic grammar and sentence structure, sometimes you want more in-depth editing, and sometimes you want a professional editor to substantively edit the text and provide critical feedback. My approach is to first evaluate the document to be edited and determine the level of editing you are interested in; I can then provide an accurate quotation with the best price possible, including any applicable discounts. Contact me today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Does my manuscript or grant need professional editing?

Journals and funding agencies receive more submissions than ever before, and this has led to an overall acceptance rate that is lower than ever. In fact, more than 90% of all submitted manuscripts are rejected, and “poorly written English” is one of the most commonly cited reasons. Because your manuscript represents a substantial investment of both time and money, having a professional editor (especially an experienced editor with a strong background in science, publishing and editing) will give your paper or grant proposal the extra polish it needs.

Doesn’t the journal have copy-editors and proofreaders who will check the writing of my paper?

In the past, that was indeed the case. However, with money becoming increasingly limited, most publishers have chosen to eliminate this service and have shifted the burden back on the authors. In fact, many publishers now urge non-native-English-speaking authors to have their manuscript professionally edited prior to submission.

I like the way I express myself, but I think I just need help with grammar and punctuation. Will you change my writing style?

Absolutely not! A skilled editing service such as English Editing Solutions can recognize your unique writing style and will preserve both your style and your message as much as possible. The final product will still be your words and your message.

I am concerned about sending my data (figures, tables, etc.) to an editing service. Can you edit the text without them?

Although it is possible to edit the text without the figures and tables, for the best results I prefer to have them available. However, I understand that many researchers are concerned about confidentiality; therefore, your documents and files will be stored on a secure server and will never be seen by anyone other than me. If you wish, you can protect your files with a password that can be sent in a separate email (or to an alternate email address). Please see Terms for more information.

Why do prices for editing vary so widely among companies?

As with many services, “editing” is difficult to standardize or quantify, and quality can vary widely among companies. Many large editing agencies provide what amounts to simply proofreading and copy-editing, without considering the content of the manuscript or the presentation of the data and ideas. My approach is to provide full-service professional editing, which means that your entire document will be checked carefully for grammar, punctuation, and spelling; in addition, I will ensure that the style is clear, the writing is crisp, and the story flows smoothly and is internally consistent. In short, I provide the best editing at the best price.

Do I have to accept all of the changes in the edited document?

Absolutely not! Because all of my revisions and comments are made using Track Changes, you have full control over the final document. It is important to keep in mind that there are usually many different ways to express an idea, and often there is no “right” or “wrong” way to express yourself.

I received the edited document, and I have some questions. Can I speak with you?

Absolutely! My service is highly personalized, and you should feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have throughout the entire process. Email contact is the most practical, and I can usually respond within one day; if you prefer, a phone call or Zoom meeting can be arranged at a time that is convenient for you.

Do you offer a certificate for editing, and does this certificate mean that my paper/grant will be accepted?

Yes, I will be happy to provide you with a certificate indicating that your document has been professionally edited. Most journals and funding agencies will accept this certificate as sufficient evidence that you have addressed any writing or language issues.

Ultimately, whether your manuscript or proposal is accepted will be based on a combination of factors, including readability, novelty and—of course—the science. However, if your edited manuscript or proposal is rejected due to poor language, I will be happy to edit your document again at no cost or refund your editing fee. Please ask for more information and conditions.