English Editing Solutions

In today’s competitive world of academic research, submitting a clear, well-written manuscript or grant application will significantly increase your chances of success.

At English Editing Solutions, I provide fast, effective editing of scientific and clinical documents. My service is also surprisingly affordable—for about the cost of an average antibody or enzyme, I will ensure that your manuscript is ready for publication. Contact me today.

“Thank you very much for editing my latest review paper and also providing a critical scientific review of the paper. The final outcome was a very well-written manuscript. I highly recommend your editing services to neuroscientists.”

Prof. P. N’Gouemo
Georgetown University
Washington, DC, USA

“What to say? I was simply delighted by your wonderful work, by your kindness, and real interest in our little story… Sometimes it’s really not easy to let the message reach sharply the person you are talking to, but I hope this time it is!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help, we will for sure contact you again, hoping to be able to set a trusty working relationship with your group!!!”

Dr. F. Rusconi
University of Milan
Milan, Italy

“I am very thankful to Dr. Curtis F. Barrett for his professional advice, which definitely improved the quality of my text. I recommend English Editing Solutions services to all my colleagues.”

Dr. A. Rodionov
Bechtereva Institute of the Human Brain RAS
St. Petersburg, Russia

“It was the right decision at the right time to ask your help in editing our manuscript. Of course, content and data are important, but the wording can make all the difference. Thank you very much!”

Prof. Sigismund Huck, M.D.
Center for Brain Research
Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

“It was great pleasure to get editing service from Dr. Curtis F. Barrett.  The consequence was superb and I really understand my limit in English. Thanks to Curtis’s profound background in my research field, neuronal development, I believe my presentation… becomes far easy to be understood to the audience.”

Dr. K-I Nagata
Institute for Developmental Research
Tokyo, Japan

“English Editing Solutions was a pleasure to work with, and were very amendable to our requests, including a tight deadline! It is obvious that the editor has a background in science, and he could help to get the message out in a way that is only possible if you really understand the topic. The attention to detail in the editing was also impressive, making our paper much more easy and pleasant to read after the editing.”

Prof. M. Lindskog
Karolinska Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

“Thank you so much for editing our manuscript so quickly. I am very pleased and impressed with the result! I will definitely think of you when I am in need of manuscript editing! Again, thank you so much for your service.”

Dr. R.K.
Department of Internal Medicine
Academic Medical Centre
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“English Editing Solutions edited my PhD thesis, and by doing so increased the transparency of my message significantly. It is obvious that the editor has an understanding of the subject. I even received my edited manuscript one day after sending it in! This fast turn-over, the quality of work and attractive prices convinced me to send my next work that required editing to English Editing Solutions.”

Dr. E. van Roon
Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

“English Editing Solutions did a great job editing our manuscript in the shortest time. Our manuscript has been accepted in MCB and the 3 reviewers didn’t have any issues with English errors. In fact one reviewer made a positive comment on our manuscript stating “manuscript is well written”. The changes that were made at the time of editing were scientifically correct. I am very happy with their service.”

Prof. Ganesh Nagaraju
Indian Institute of Technology
Bangalore, India

“I tried a few other editing services but all I got back was a mere correction of spelling and grammar. English Editing Solutions goes far beyond that because Curtis Barrett is a trained neuroscientist. He fully captures the essence of a study, so the result is an easy to read manuscript with excellent figures. I send almost all my articles to Dr. Barrett before submission and would recommend everybody to do the same.”

Prof. N. Plesnila, MD, PhD
Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research
University of Munich Medical Center
Munich, Germany

“Thank you for editing our manuscript, which is fortunately accepted in Stem Cells with a relatively short reviewing process. Of course, no comments on English usage :)”

Prof. Noriko Osumi, DDS, PhD
Director, Center for Neuroscience
Department of Developmental Neuroscience
Tohoku University School of Medicine
Sendai, Japan

“I’m so pleased with your wonderful edit of my text. What a great chance to get acquainted with EES. As my gratitude I myself will introduce EES to all of my friends to consider your professional editing programs.”

Dr. E. Hassanzadeh
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Tehran, Iran

“I was referred to English Editing Solutions by my advisor for editing my first paper. I was really amazed about the fast, correct and good service. The correspondence was really quick and efficient. As far as the paper is concerned, the suggested changes definitely improved my paper, making it much easier to read. I am now far more confident about it and for the future I will not hesitate to approach EES.”

Laura Solberg
Maastricht University Medical Center
Maastricht, the Netherlands

“English Editing Solutions did a superb job editing our manuscript, and with a very fast turnaround time. Our editor’s suggested changes were not only grammatically correct, but they were also scientifically sound. I am thoroughly delighted with the final product, which flows a lot more smoothly and is more readable. It was a great pleasure to work with the editor, and we will definitely come back for more editing services in the future.”

Prof. Yu-Qing Cao
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO, USA

“I was recommended to get my first abstract edited by English Editing Solutions. Not only did they make very helpful suggestions but they responded quickly and efficiently to my request. Correspondence with them is fantastic and they are exceedingly friendly. I now feel even more confident in my abstract as it is well written and it is also nice to get another’s perspective of your own writing technique. I will definitely recommend English Editing Solutions to my colleagues.”

Miss Lisa-Marie Wilson
Edinburgh Napier University
Edinburgh, Scotland